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What Pimarc Project Management Software Does for Architects

So Your Business Can Do More & Expend Less

PRL Info Systems, the brand behind Pimarc, boasts a 50-year history in project management and has a deep understanding of land surveying, engineering, architecture and construction companies. It is this knowledge that allows Pimarc to streamline your current project management system and business operations so that your team can work smarter and faster.

Our team is dedicated to growing your business by using workflow modifications and improvements to increase your team's capacity without increasing your operating costs. Since our team is populated with project managers, technical managers, application specialists and web developers, we actually know how your business works which means that we have the skills and knowledge to make success a reality.

In addition to the standard features included with Pimarc, the following services can be added to your software installation or added as your business grows:

Project Workflow Review & Analysis 
The project management experts at Pimarc will review your current workflow and recommend improvements to help you save time, money and labour, all to reduce costs. Having an unbiased third-party to assess how your team works can make a big difference. 

We will use real data from your own business to give you a live demonstration of Pimarc's project management software in action. This will let you visualize how much time and money you can save when you use Pimarc to manage your projects and improve their workflow.

Accessible Software Education and Training

Included with your Pimarc software license is our training program that is completely customized to your company. Our clients love this service because it helps them get situated with the software very quickly since it is already so intuitive and accessible. Training time is very brief so you'll be able to get the program up and running easily. 

Application Deployment
Part of your software licensing fee also include Pimarc's application deployment and its installation. Your purchase of Pimarc includes software configuration, installation, development of standards specific to your business and training for everyone who uses the software. Pimarc is very intuitive so your employees, managers and outside contractors will easily be able to use their software in no time at all.  

Software Optimization & Advanced Techniques
Our Pimarc software consultants will teach your employees advanced techniques so that they can maximize their proficiency with Pimarc. This service also includes our expert review of your existing project workflow and specific tools and suggestions on how you can use Pimarc to improve it. 

Data Conversion
Free yourself from the headaches of data conversion. Let our data conversion experts manage the migration of your datasets into Pimarc for easy viewing and understanding.

Web Deployment of Project Data
We’ve made it easy for you to save time handling requests for your project records with the Pimarc Survey Record Index (Pimarc SRI). This is a secure, hosted web site service which lets you store your project records, plans and field notes online, and search for SRI data from other participating companies. 

Web Site Development
It is because of our 50-year history working with land surveying, architecture and engineering businesses that PRL Systems has the knowledge and experience necessary to make sure your website presents your business in the best possible light. WIth Pimarc keeping your internal processes in order, why not let our web design experts keep the external processes in order too?

If you're ready to learn more about Pimarc and how it can help improve your business' productivity, please contact us today or register for a free tutorial designed specifically for architecture firms.